Specialising in educational courses and training in research and medical cannabis cultivation. Courses have been run in partnership with university medical cannabis programmes. Private and team training is available on site.

Cultivation Advice

Utilising the latest growing methodologies from around the world allows us to provide consulting services optimised for your specific end-product demand. Indoor, outdoor or greenhouse; we can help enhance your cultivation methods.


Protect your investment with our Integrated Pest Management solutions for indoor and outdoor cultivators. From essential prevention features to remedy options after a dangerous infestation, we can assist with keeping the bad bugs at bay!

Product Supply

Our local supply partners ensure we have immediate access to the latest cultivation equipment and supplies. Talk to us about fertilisers, H.V.A.C equipment, harvesting, processing technology and more.

Advanced Lighting Solutions

We proudly distribute the latest HID horticultural lighting solutions from DLI (Dutch Lighting Innovations). We provide 'Calculux' light plans to ensure a consistent canopy illuminated by reliable hardware.

Genetic Distribution

International partners with unique cultivars. Our partners have produced cultivars with a wide variety of cannabinoid and terpene profiles that can be tailored to your need. Existing licensed facilities only.

Agricultural Equipment and Support

for licensed cannabis research groups and cultivators to improve their productivity and sustainability.

Global Experience

Indicated Technology has global experience in medical-grade cultivation, consulting, strategic business management, branding, marketing, sales and distribution. We provide a helpful resource for licensed individuals and businesses involved in the medical cannabis space.

Why work with

Indicated Technology

Our expert team at Indicated Technology has 30+ combined years of experience in the hydroponic sector. We pride ourselves on advanced knowledge of the latest technological innovations and production horticulture initiatives.

Backed with a strong network of global partners who also ensure we can provide planning and consultancy for both the public and private sector, from small-scale to large commercial applications.